Frequently Asked

What will happen if I miss my monthly instalment?

If we are unable to collect your monthly instalment, we will not re-apply to take that payment. We will contact you either by email or post, advising you by which date the missed payment needs to be made to avoid your insurance policy being cancelled.

I have missed my instalment — what do I need to do?

If you have missed your monthly instalment, it is important that you make this payment promptly to bring your account up to date to avoid cancellation of your insurance policy.

You can make a missed payment quickly and securely online. Simply visit or call our automated telephone line on 0330 331 0022 and you can make your payment in as little as a couple minutes.

Please note, a missed payment will incur a £25.00 administration fee and this needs to be paid at the same time as the missed payment.

When is my first payment due?

Details of your first payment date and a schedule of your monthly payments are set out in your welcome letter. If you would like a copy of your payment schedule, please click here.

Can I change my payment date?

Yes, you can change your instalment date free of charge, although restrictions as to which payment date we can offer you may apply. If you would like to request a change of payment date, then please click here.

I am experiencing financial difficulties — what are my options?

We understand that many of our customers may be experiencing financial difficulties and other uncertainties. We are here to try to help our customers through difficult times, so we have developed a range of different options that may assist you. Additionally, you can get free non-judgmental and independent advice from several organisations. Click here for further information and to view our available options.

My monthly Instalment amount has changed — why has this happened?

When you make changes to your policy (e.g., a change of vehicle or change of address), this may result in an increase or decrease of your insurance premium, which may affect your Instalment payments. Your instalments may also increase if your insurance broker has not received your No Claims Bonus, which has resulted in an increase to the cost of your insurance policy. If you are unsure why your instalment amounts have changed, please contact your insurance broker for further details.

Can I pay off my account in full?

You can settle your agreement in full at any point during the policy year. Please contact us on 01704 339 000 and we will provide you with the full amount owing on your agreement; we can debit the amount by card over the phone. There is no additional charge applied for paying the agreement in full. Please note, we would be unable to take a card payment within 5 working days of a scheduled direct debit.

How do I cancel my Finance Agreement and Insurance Policy?

If you wish to cancel your insurance policy, then you will need to contact your insurance broker in the first instance.

Following successful cancellation of your policy by your insurance broker, your credit agreement will be cancelled. Provided you do not have any open or fault claims on your insurance policy, a refund may be due. Any refund due will be offset against any outstanding balance and any shortfall will become payable by you. Where applicable, your insurer may pay your claim settlement to us to discharge and/or reduce any sums owed to us.

How can I change my bank details?

You can request to change your bank details by simply clicking here. Please note that it can take up to 7 working days for the new account details to be applied to your agreement; so, if your payment is due within the next 7 working days, this could mean that the payment is still applied to your old account. Please ensure there will be sufficient funds available.

My Direct Debit is cancelled — how do I restart it?

Provided you have an active policy in force and your payments are up to date, you can request to restart you direct debit payments by clicking here. Please note, if you next monthly instalment is due within the next 7 working days, your direct debit may not restart until the next calendar month. If this is the case, please go to on the day your payment is due, or contact us on webchat on or before your payment is due to make your payment. Failure to make your payment by the due date may incur an administration fee of £25.00.

How can I change my contact details?

To request a change to your contact details, please click here. You must also contact your insurance broker to confirm a change to any of your contact details and in particular any change to your address — failure to do so may invalidate your insurance policy.

How do I obtain a copy of my finance agreement?

If you wish to be sent a copy of your finance agreement or payment schedule, click here.

How do I make a complaint?

Click here to view our complaints process.